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Employment contract

Employment contract

In setting out the framework of the relationships between employers and their employees, the employment contract lays down the key elements of the working relationship.

The indefinite-term employment contract template available on this website has been prepared on the basis of the following assumptions:

  • Employee with executive status (“statut cadre” in French)
  • Indefinite-term employment contract subject to the “Syntec” collective agreement, which is specific to companies specialising in: engineering, digital, research and advisory, vocational training, events
  • Provisions of the contract shall therefore comply with the collective agreement (in particular employee classification, work duration, minimum remuneration)
  • Mobility clause
  • Non-competition clause
  • Inventions and intellectual property clause


The templates must be used with the appropriate precautions applicable to the use of pre-drafted documents, particularly considering that assumptions and choices were made when drafting these templates.

Although a certain number of brackets, comments and/or footnotes have been included to highlight these assumptions and choices, as well as their impact on the document, they cannot be construed as exhaustive and as covering all further amendments to be made to the document in the event certain clauses were to be modified.

Therefore please pay particular attention to the footnotes and specific comments when using this template.